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~How To Apply~

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~How To Apply~

Post by KillanaKalita on Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:32 pm


First and for most, thank you for expressing your interest in joining the United Divisions. We are happy to have new members who share the same goals as us. We like members who are active and contribute to the in-game nations and the alliance. So If you are planning to join and never come back to the forum, you should just leave. But if you want to have a great time experiencing the game with others than continue on...

• Apply for the in-game alliance first

• You cannot be in any war with another nation under an alliance. (YOU WILL BE DEALT WITH QUICKLY)

• We will ask a series of questions once you do submit your application in the "Member Application" forum. Please be patient with us, we just want to have you in the right place with the right requirments.

• If you post your application and do not come back (YOU WILL BE DECLINED)

What your application should look like:
Post a new topic with the title ("RulerName" Application)
With the following filled out:

Nation Name:
Nation Link:
Previous Alliance:
Previous Alliance position:
Did someone refer you to us? If so what is their name?:
What can you offer to UD?:

If you are accepted you will be required to attend UD University. There you will learn UD basics and how to affectively play Cyber nations.

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